Design-Build Method

Why Totalplan uses it and why it’s the best way to save you money & time. The goal of the design-build method is simple:

  • To deliver a facility that will meet the client’s need
  • To provide the most value per dollar, in the most efficient manner
  • To unify all resources within one contract.

It is the most economical and efficient project delivery method available.

Our Process

  • Design
  • Construction
  • Furnishing


Team Appointment and Interview

Our first step is to establish who our key project contact will be. The intent is to minimize the timeframe involved in the decision making process, by reducing the number of people our team will deal with directly on a day to day basis. We recommend one key contact, The Facilitator, who is in place to deal with any questions that arise in short order. While The Facilitator plays the lead role in decision making, the opportunity to liaise directly with other parties on a less frequent basis should always be available.